Zwischenfrage – Ein Interview mit: RANGLEKLODS – Straitjacket


(photo & allrights: RANGLEKLODS / Creative Eclipse / Robin Skjoldborg)

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Zur Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums
hatte ich die Gelegenheit,
(unter Mithilfe von Magnus von Creative Eclipse, dem ich herzlich für die Unterstützung danke..)
Esben und Pernille vom dänischen Duo


ein paar Fragen zum Album, zu ihrer Geschichte und ihrer Musik zu stellen.

° ° °

guteshoerenistwichtig: The Straitjacket-titletrack was taken for danish Film „Eliten“ – how did this happen? Have you written the song for the film?

Rangleklods: We were in contact with the director of the movie, Thomas Daneskov, asking him to make the video for “Lost u”. He didn’t have time because he was finishing “Eliten” at that exact time. But he put on the album as background music while editing the party scenes in the movie and at one point the song “Straitjacket” played perfectly along with the pictures and the atmosphere of his movie. He immediately asked us to use the song in the movie and we were of course very excited about it. It’s the first time our music is used in a movie and it was so cool to see the result and how effortlessly it fit the images.   

guteshoerenistwichtig: Rangleklods is a very unique name.. so.. whats the meaning of it..? It sounds like you won’t be categorised by something special..

Rangleklods: You’re absolutely right about us choosing a name that won’t categorise our music forehand. It doesn’t mean anything in particular. We just like the sound of it and that it keeps on making people curious. 
guteshoerenistwichtig: What’s the difference between a Live-Performance and and listening to
your songs while staying at home?

Rangleklods: There’s a huge difference because we alter the songs a lot when we make live versions of them. On the record each little detail is perfected but live we allow ourselves to play around with the sounds and structures a lot more. We play as live an electronic concert as possible and we want it to be wild, experimenting and euphoric. We hope that the experience of listening to it at home gives space for really diving into the details and different layers in the songs while the live show will seduce you into dancing and letting go of yourself – even for just a little while. 

guteshoerenistwichtig: Your last record “Beekeeper” was filled with some Dancefloor-Tracks. Is there a further development in your newer Songs to get more danceable, more Electro, more…?

Rangleklods: We definitely think there’s dance material on “Straitjacket”. The groves of the different song all fit a late club show and we’ve already played most of the material live by now. And we can ensure you that people dance!

guteshoerenistwichtig: If you think about your life as a musician: Why did you become musicians?

Rangleklods: We both tried the academic path by getting university degrees and doing different stuff and different jobs. But we just didn’t see the point of it anymore as the music kept on being our one big passion in life. We realised that this is what we do best and what makes us happy. 

guteshoerenistwichtig: What kind of music are you listening to if you’re not on tour?
Or is the main principle @Rangleklodshome a bit more of “enjoy the silence”?

Rangleklods: Silence can of course be much appreciated after having toured for a long time. But not for very long. Music is what keeps us going, and we listen to so much different stuff. At the moment we dig Caribou, Jessy Lanza, D’Angelo’s latest, Jamie XX, James Blake, Burial and Talking Heads

guteshoerenistwichtig: Is there any relationship between your music and erotic?

Rangleklods: You can say our music has erotic elements as it’s very physical. It’s not that we intentionally make songs for erotic purposes but if people get a sexy vibe from it we’re very satisfied.  

guteshoerenistwichtig: The first Album you ever bought was…? And the latest..?

Pernille: first: Alanis Morisette – “Jagged Little Pill”, last: Jessy Lanza – “Pull my hair back”
Esben: first: Metallica – “Ride the lightening”, last: Nick Cave – “Push the Sky Away”

guteshoerenistwichtig: If you’ve got the chance to change the world just for one hour.. what would you do?
Rangleklods: We’d make the western civilisation and the third world change places for one hour.
guteshoerenistwichtig: Thank you so much for the Interview & good luck for Straitjacket!° ° °
Lost U
Dry Me Out
Happy In The Gutter
° ° °

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