Sinnesrauschen: FLOTATION TOY WARNING – The Machine That Made Us

FLOTATION TOY WARNING – The Machine That Made Us
Talitres, 16.6.2017



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Perhaps you will hardly remember the debut of this band.
In 2004 Bluffers‘ Guide To The Flight Deck  was released: an album that made up a small circle of fans dreaming in ecstasy, and now, thirteen years after its release, these illustrious fans are still in grand memory and continue to provide a delight.

Hard to believe that now we’re getting a new

Album in our hands.
The Machine That Made Us
we got a new work, which with its ten new songs makes all the time between then and now forgotten and a phosphorously dazzling continuation of the story begun with their first work.

The album is the result of intense debate and the attempt to convert the musical ideas, which Paul Carter to the extent possible, that their own requirements as well as typical bandsounds and the listening habits of their fans can be satisfied.

With the songs presented here, Carter’s wish is fulfilled and he reaches far more: a collection of bizarre sounds traverse large parts of this sea-going landscape, which is spreading before us into dreamlike escapades, twists, twists and turns. Often enough you feel back in a time of the middle-age Damsel, the grandiose festivals and ball dresses.

Between psychotic beauty and mystical sunsets, they do their sound in boat trips through dilapidated canals in balladesk staggering chamberpop, add prancing swirly synthies and keyboards, let go and draw us into their spell. Unlike And Also The Trees that are always connected with the sea and rough seas, these songs here are not obviously packed in gray-colored hurricane towers, here the band plays more subtle with the theme and lets the love of the water tend to dangle behind the surface.

As a listener sometimes you feel like the otherworldly knight on a noble mold equipped with saber and machete, it is difficult to absorb the great musical moments on this Album at first contact. Rather, you feel like you are after a big shopping: With overflowing shopping carts, slowly walking uphill, snaking and careful balancing, just not to let the expensive red wine and the fresh vulture slide out of the hands, speak: There is much sound and incredibly much to discover.

We are delighted to present melodious pieces that quickly find their place in the head, get there and feel very well and at home even after a very short time.
With each new hearing they complement each other, decorate the memory a bit, and remain fresh and always surprising.

With grave melancholy in the voice, songs are brought about the absence of eternal joy, the illusion of a lasting love, fear of disappointment and failure.

No cause for melancholy reflection is omitted, here the joyous dance is not cheered, the wounds are licked, wounded souls are gently soothed, buried emotions are borne to the grave, and nightmares are thrown down. Until finally the mountain of memory and longing rises up high before us, so that a song is made of it.
Above all the hopelessness there is once again a slanting wind instrument, the struggles fight against the wall of tears and in the end all this sound in the minor helps actually to strip the everyday and to remember the love, the music.

Because life is not as difficult as it sometimes seems.
Finally we have a new album for this inimitable band. So there is still hope.

And in the spring of 2031 let’s look back in our present.

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