When I want you I don’t need anyone
JJ72 – October Swimmer

° ° °
THE EMPTY PAGEHe’s Very Good At Swimming



° ° °

Red dress left hanging
Cardigan no guard

Make your mind up, you’re confused
Only a fool would accuse
Somebody so cool

Fresh meat punch bowl
How could you know
He would he would he would

Bright white light
He didn’t mean it
He didn’t mean it
Bright white light
He wasn’t thinking
He wasn’t thinking

Wipe clean crime scene
Could have been a bad dream

Except the swabs and the needles
Like brambles
Left blackcurrant bruises

If you don’t remember
How can you know?
Prove it prove it….

Fluorescent bulbs pop like pornographic paps
Metal clatters on metal
The cold unfriendly wrench of a speculum
You are a specimen
And all bodies are foreign including your own
Now the blue-black beaks
Peck at the gory deets
Are you partial to one or two?
Have you spent a lot of time in bedrooms?
How was it different this time?
Where is your line
Is it clear?
Was your mind clear at the time?

will be boys

So it must have been something you said
Something you did
He ran
He ran
He ran
He ran
He ran
He’s very good at running
He’s very good at swimming

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