Mind your business don’t hurt her you fool
SIMON & GARFUNKEL – Silence Is Golden

° ° °

Funnel Music, 18.6.2019


° ° °

You might come here some day on a whim, catch the gold rush
whilst there’s prizes to win
The warm bodied pleasers and cold blooded teasers are hard,
hard to gage
But ain’t Ain’t it fun?
Amphetamine tribes stalk amphetamine kings and
the queen of Clubs pulls their amphetamine strings
and she sings;
“Wake up to wondering
what has been lost due to growth and prosperity longing and lust?”
Hard to trust.
The practical jokers and tactical voters take
practical tokes just to see if they choke on the fumes. Stick around for breakfast and bed and to
lay down with men of certain distinction.
Ain’t it fun?
Sunrises sunrises does your head in
Whilst spit sweat and cum stick the sheets to the sins. Dont begin.
Up and coming? Remains to be seen. This house is a hovel
no place for a queen.
And ain’t Ain’t it fun?

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