..mit einem Song, den sie mit ihren Lost Boys just veröffentlicht hat.. und den es bei Bandcamp als pay what you want-Download gibt..

ALLES GUTE, liebe Lucy..

° ° °

Is it so wrong to think of all that could go wrong
It’s no surprise that the giving in took so long
My pockets were full of gifts of glass from another man
What would I do if you were to give me your soft hands
Years in that coat
Worn to hold to hide a nervous throat
A winter so strong
I started to feel as if it’s where I belonged
Sealed all the windows
Closed all the doors
Drew all the curtains
Trying to keep some kind of warmth
Shards on the table
A want for clues
A map to meaning
A trick to truth
Years in that room
Used to search to lie to smash to smooth
Quiet now there’s really very little left to lose
A stubborn wind came to speak
To wake me up from months of sleep
Tried not to listen but she returned
There in those pockets something had begun to burn
Tried not to feel
That had become the plan
But when I touched again
The shattered glass had turned to sand
You are the ocean
You are the breeze
That picked me up
Called me to me leave
A brittle nest
A barren home
An old idea
A paper boat
Skin to the water
A season never really stays
A body floats
A winter coat gets washed away


..und hier der Link zu meiner Rezension des Albums des Jahres 2019 ❤
LUCY KRUGER & THE LOST BOYS – Sleeping Tapes For Some Girls

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