And this loneliness won’t leave me alone
OTIS REDDING – Sittin‘ On The Dock Of A Bay

° ° °
(new album, tba 2020)




° ° °

All along the rolling rapture of disaster that became of our calm order
Probably just another fast one, another trick of light to keep you ready, ready to go

Tie knots in reason, and tell it to everyone…it really is that bad

And I’m not so bright that I can face you onwards, more kinda sideways, along the sly
I just wanted you to know that it meant so much when, when you crossed the Bay
Came to check on me, and made sure that I was OK

Hold to what’s dearest and see if it tumbles on down, you’ll say it’s really not that hard

And those lessons from those easy times read like train wrecks in your shaded eyes
And the time it just went faster, ever after, stepping down the stair, descending all around

Early one evening just call out my name, you’ll see it’s really not the same one anymore

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