It’s dark, it’s dark The chapel falls apart I’m wandering on dry bones Running with the foxes Peek-a-boo Under the moon They’re hunting us down Those people from the town There’s no spot to rest They’re treading down my nest I’m climbing after spiders Running with the foxes I’m running with the foxes I’m in love I’m in love You’ll lie you’ll cry here Gravel, take me Decompose me, break me I’m in love I’m home Succumbed to the resonance Deprive me of comfort I’m in love Fumes of decay Keep the weak souls away Let’s conquer a vault The safest of all It’s dark, it’s dark The chapel falls apart I’m squirming with the crawlers Hiding with the foxes I’m hiding with the foxes

(Pseudopop Dichronaut Records, 11/2018)


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