After the Belarusian election was stolen by the current dictator, the vast majority of Belarusian people took to the streets to protest peacefully for their livelihood and democracy. In response they have endured being mercilessly beaten, jailed, tortured and even murdered. Many have disappeared without a trace.
The solidarity, strength and integrity of the Belarusian people has moved CocoRosie deeply and opened their eyes to what is possible in the face of violent, tyrannical adversity. The list of countries being terrorized by their own corrupt governments is too long to cite here.
The parallels between Belarus and the United States are evident and highlight the abuse of power and a pervasive unethical system, as well as, the all too familiar image of a single man spitting in the face of his „own“ people, threatening to never GO AWAY!
This song also speaks directly to the hateful man currently in the seat of „terror“ in the United States and its history of systemic racism resulting in the perpetuation of police brutality against Black People.
„GO AWAY!“ is meant to induce an electric feeling of empowerment and at the same time incite rage. This rage is to be harnessed and danced. We can transform our reality. We can transform our sorrow, grief and rage into art, into power, into action.

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